Some items that are in need of a new home. . .

Brushed nickel chandelier from Pottery Barn.  We paid over $200 new.  Would like to sell for $80 OBO.

Pottery Barn ottoman SOLD

Also for sale, but not pictured:  a 26" flat screen Sanyo TV, including remote.  In mint condition.  Paid over $300.  Asking $100 OBO.

Sam and Miranda's Wedding

Sam and Miranda got married on May 27, 2011 in Coeur d'Alene.  Here's a picture of them on the boardwalk.

Our Family is Growing!

Cory and Katie and their girls:  Raina Anne, Janelie Jane, Eleana Gayle, and Angelina Joyce!

Summer 2010

With the end of summer came Sam home for almost two weeks. Then, less than 12 hours after his arrival, came his engagement to Miranda.

We also had a fun party with family and friends to celebrate Sam's homecoming, as well as Miranda and his engagement.

Sam's 21st

Today is Sam's 21st birthday and sorry to say, he's in Spain and not in Viola. We did get to talk with him on Skype this morning. Just not the same, though.
We thought we'd post a couple of pictures of him in honor of his birthday.
What a cutie. . .then, and now.

Happy birthday, Sam.

Here we are in one of the new capitol committee rooms. (It just happens to be for the energy committee!)

We had the pleasure of being in Boise on Saturday, and it just so happened that that was the day our state capitol building was reopened. It has been closed, undergoing a two-year renewal, and it was quite a sight to see.

It was packed with people enjoying the building in it's new grand state. It's sunny and welcoming and we got to see many people we knew from across the state (especially that Paul knew!). We saw a couple of our senators--one who gave us a quick tour.

The lower floor now houses "The History of Idaho." There are stations that represent various stages of Idaho's history. Very well-done by our state historian. This Idaho history teacher could have stayed a lot longer. Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to go back for another visit!

Here's a picture (sorry, a poor one) of one of the history stations at the Capitol. You'll just have to go see them for yourself to see how great they really are.

Vacationing on the Oregon Coast -- Pre-Thanksgiving

Had a great time with Katie, Cory, and Emma Jane--just missed Sam! We forgot how much we love the Oregon Coast.

Summer 2009 - friends.

Sam's "sailor" buddy, Jack!

Ava and Jack out picking raspberries.

Precious little Jemma Jane. . .

and her mamma, Kelly.

Little Miss Sara Joyce.

Some of the precious Sawyer grandkids: Will, Jack, Sara, Brooklyn, and Ava.

And their wonderful grandma, Jan, with our Katie.

Penn Penn...another dear & fun friend.

Of course, we like George, too!

And, the father and mother of the bride of the wedding in our yard with all these friends, Bob and Suzanne.

A fun and beautiful day!

Summer 2009 - family.

Sam, home on leave, enjoying himself at Liz and Kyle's
wedding. Heading off to Spain for two years!
Katie and Cory after Liz's wedding.

Paul with his "baby" -- Emma Jane.

Our 25th Celebration.

Celebrating with us, our wonderful family. . .

and many dear friends and family. . .

but our "oldest and dearest" (and the host/hostess), John and Jan.

Sam and Miranda

Sam and Miranda
Newly Engaged

Summer 2010

Summer has come and gone now. With the end of summer came Sam home from Spain for almost two weeks. With that came Sam getting engaged to Miranda in less than 12 hours from coming home! Much excitement.

We also threw in a fun party with our family and dear friends in honor of Sam's homecoming and Miranda and his engagement.

Sam and Jack -- sailor buddies again, 14 months later.

Sam and Jack -- sailor buddies again, 14 months later.
Two of our favorite boys!

Remodeling this summer.

No more carpeting...hopefully, no more allergies.

Our latest house projects

Our latest house projects
"New" Living Room with Bamboo Flooring

Our "new" guest room

Our "new" guest room
What used to be Sam's room. . .

Then. . .May 27, 1984

Then. . .May 27, 1984
Wow--we were young!

Our 25th Anniversary

Many fun and happy surprises! Sam home for a visit and a great surprise bash! Family and friends together--what could be better?

And now. . .still together after all these years!

And now. . .still together after all these years!

August 2009 -- Sam home before Spain.

August 2009 -- Sam home before Spain.
Sam's home for two weeks before being shipped out to Spain for two years! Here he is with his "sailor" buddy, Jack.

Summer 2009 -- birthdays, being together with friends and family. . .

Summer 2009 -- birthdays, being together with friends and family. . .
Partying in the barn with our friends and family.